Guild Wars2

Wow, this game looks incredibly pretty. I think I might be tempted into this one when it comes out, especially as you buy the game then get to play without monthly subscription fees.

Normally I’d go straight for the elf-like race, but probably not in this game. I’m not quite so fond of the look of the Sylvari. I don’t like the current trend of female characters having hardly any jaw or chin when it comes to fantasy art. Supposedly it’s more feminine..or something.

Apparently they’re also breaking the need for a healer and also not penalising you for death:

Why should we debuff you, take away experience, or make you run around for five minutes as a ghost instead of letting you actually play the game? We couldn’t think of a reason. Well, we did actually think of a reason–it just wasn’t a good one. Death penalties make death in-game a more tense experience. It just isn’t fun. We want to get you back into the action (fun) as quickly as possible. Defeat is the penalty; we don’t have to penalize you a second time.

I think I’m looking forward to this game!

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