Late night fun

I can pretty much always count on any grouping up with my friend Ben to be quite a lot of fun…and also surprise me as to what we can do. 😛 He always tends to push me. Last night we wanted some fun so after a SH HM (which now feels easy…funny how we used to think it was omg hard!) I suggest HoM or WW. We decided on WW…but of course Ben has to go make it interesting and wants to take in 3 LMs. I went along with it, feeling sure we wouldn’t get very far on the bosses as I’ve gone in there on minstrel with a warden and champ and had a bit of a hard time healing some of it. But colour me surprised…the three LM run was probably the fastest and smoothest run I’ve ever done there. 😛 Just one death from me at the 3 caerogs. I was mostly tanking and the damage was just a wee bit too much for LM healing. Though luckily I died right before we got the second down so the other two LMs took the last one down with ease.

(excuse the blurry screenshot…not sure why it’s so bad!)

This has definitely made me more keen to do more all LM stuff! So afterwards my friend Kala and I headed into Carn Dum. We were only going to play with the CD gatekeeper but he wasn’t there. It was a bit surprising how far we got all red traited with no mez. We would have made it to Mordy but it got far too late. 😛

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One thought on “Late night fun

  1. Hehehe Beno sure is good at pushing people to do challenging stuff :D.

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