Lowbie LM

For kicks I decided to roll a LM on the Snowbourn server in order to check out the atmosphere on other server and also just to see what playing a low level LM is like after you know the class pretty well. I found leveling a LM to be pretty painful until the late 30s, but I wonder if that was just me not having grasped the class or not.

I decided to roll a man for the man heal….if I ever get to that point. 😛 He looks horrible right now. It’s really odd, under 20s on Laurelin can equip outfits cosmetically, but I’m not able to on this alt on Snowbourn. Having to run around in that shirt that looks like it has a corset is somewhat painful right now…not that I’d be able to dress him well anyway. Rolling this character on a new server really hit home how self sufficient I am right now and highlights the importance of friends and kins. I’d be able to kit a lowbie out really well and even slap a pretty Mariner’s Hauberk on him. But on this new server, I’m utterly alone and pennyless! It’s a bit daunting!

Whilst the mobs around my lvl aren’t hard at all, my lvl9 LM does feel lacking in skills. Right now he has two dmg skills: burning embers and staff strike (and of course no SS cd legacy! ugh) They actually pile on the debuffs fairly early. I already have SoPC, Windlore and Firelore, plus the two signs for my pet, the power drain and Beacon of Hope. I know LMs are debuffers, but really, who’s going to use all those at such a low level? Especially the power drain. Personally I think it would have been much better to give the damage skills earlier and introduce the debuffs afterwards. At my level I could use Light of the Rising Dawn a hell of a lot more than Wind Lore or a power drain.

It’s been fun and interesting so far, but we’ll see if that feeling persists as I move out of the starting areas. I have been reminded how pretty Celondim is. A very lovely start to the game. 🙂

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