New area in the North Downs

A few days a kinnie stumbled upon a bit of new area in the North Downs. I decided to ride and go check it out for myself. So what will it be? A new raid? Instance? or North Downs revamp? All I know is that I want in to take a look around! 😛

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9 thoughts on “New area in the North Downs

  1. oo. i found that place rigth after the november patch;) back then the place was open so we could go inside and explore 😉 its closed up now.. but according to the US forums its suposedly a new instance thats comming.

  2. that was from bregs btw 😉

  3. Oh well done for finding it so early. Do you routinely go riding all around middle earth? :PAnd will it be an endgame instance or something for people questing there?

  4. I heard something about a new low-level raid coming so that might be the place :O. I guess if they made a low-level raid it'd be scalable as well.

  5. it was on the US forums, so i followed directions 😉 it was nice looking inside too. not too big though.

  6. Talking to Burt Farmer for the Mysterious Relic deed reveals a possible name for this place. When asked where he will go to next he references a place called "Stoneheight."

  7. Ah nice catch! 🙂

  8. You have seen the one above Oatbarton too?

  9. I've been short on time this week so haven't been able to venture up to Oatbarton or the one in the Trollshaws yet. I hope to soon though!

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