Runekeeper action shots

I’ve been leveling a Runekeeper with a friend (him on a champ) and have been having a blast. (And it’s also created a backlog of screenies of our adventures :P) RK is an epicly fun class. I’ve noticed my favourite classes tend to be flashy and quick, so RK fits in perfectly. I always had a feeling I’d love this class, so was trying to save it for later as I still don’t have a tank, but my friend bugged me enough and with the opportunity to duo level…well I couldn’t pass that up.

I have a 65 minstrel who is decently geared, but I really never ever liked healing on her. I just assumed that healing stressed me out and I didn’t like doing it at all. That was one thing that was making me put off RK now that I think about it: I didn’t want to have to heal. But my friend is a good RK himself, so he’s been able to give me tips. And we’ve been trying plenty of hard stuff so I’ve gotten lots of practice healing. I’ve actually found RK healing to be quite enjoyable! I love the hots! I love that I can go from fully attuned dps to healing in a matter of seconds (without the cheat legendary trait mind you :P). Leveling this class is definitely the final nail in the coffin for my poor minstrel. Once my RK is at the level cap, the minstrel will officially be just a crafting mule as RKs totally pwn minstrels in my humble opinion.

RKs also make for some pretty and flashy screenshots!

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One thought on “Runekeeper action shots

  1. Yay for RK love! (and RK screens!!)I've also found it a lot easier and fun to heal as RK, and I love all the utility skills to bits.It's strange though, since I'm currently leveling up a minstrel again and I've had tons of fun soloing as one, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to enjoy the healing again. Twiddling thumbs during trash pulls and then manically spamming BC once things get tough just isn't very rewarding in the long run. I feel minnies will need one hell of a Month of the Minstrel to get their abilities to match the current content (which is, sadly, often made completely trivial by many RK skills).

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