Bullroarer Patch notes

One thing immediately stood out for me and made me go w.t.f!?!

* You no longer have the option to unslot your relics during a reforge and you cannot get them back even when deconstructing a max level LI.

Excuse me?? So I grind, do skirmishes and whatnot to play the relic combination lottery. I finally get the relic I want and I slot it into the best random LI I got through the LI lottery. But when I find a better one, I can’t put my best relics in it? Ffs! As a fellow kinnie said, they just don’t get it. How is this improving the LI system? They also write:

* Legacy replacement scrolls will be awarded when deconstructing a Legendary Item of at least level 30. The legacy replacement scroll is selected from any legacy currently on the Legendary Item. Legacies that have been removed from the game are not available to be selected.
* Major legacies (previously called Pool A legacies) can only be used to replace another Major Legacy.

So no replacing those crappy pool B legacies.

And this also doesn’t help with the fact that every few levels we have to throw away the LI and start all over again. This coupled with not getting the relics back? Big fail!!

Oh and also:

* The Snow Wizard and Warm Hands emotes can no longer be performed while moving.

Meh. 😛 I’ve had loads of fun messing around with that emote…moving, combining it with others. They better not fix groundroll and danceman3!

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2 thoughts on “Bullroarer Patch notes

  1. Oh my Goodness, this is soo bad :/ epic failure indeed!Replace pool a with pool a, pool be only with pool b – how much use is that, exactly?!*sigh*

  2. 1. Your current relics will be unslotted during the patch.2. The relic combining system is being streamlined. There are only 6 tiers, and it takes fewer relics to combine into a higher-level. The new formulas are 4T1 = T2; 3T2=T4; 2T4=T5, and 2T5=T6.3. The stats on the T6 relics are going to be scaled up to the current stats on the T9 relics; all others will be adjusted, too.4. Any Tier 7, 8, & 9 relics you've obtained will remain in your pool, but they will be treated as T6 relics.5. They are likely removing T6 relics from loot drops & barter vendors.Overall, it looks like the whole system is going to involve much, much less of a grind.

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