Seriously Turbine?

The new horse is so ugly! šŸ˜›

I’m a horse collector, but I’m seriously thinking about skipping this one because of the amount of grinding it’s going to take to get a horse I’ll never, ever use. It costs 30 anniversary tokens and 3 race tokens. The only way to get said tokens is to do the beer fight or run the races once a day. That’s it. :/ They’ve got some new housing items which look like they’ll be cool (but are also far too expensive). Those I’d actually want. But having to do 30 beer fights for that horse? Meh. They really need to have some alternative activities for earning the coins. Otherwise it seems the beer fights run every 10 minutes. Say I wanted to get one of the housing items that cost 20 tokens. That’s several hours worth of grinding, which just isn’t going to happen. A major grind isn’t the nicest way to celebrate LOTRO’s 4th anniversary, though I suppose it’s keeping with the spirit of the current game. :/

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8 thoughts on “Seriously Turbine?

  1. The horse looks like a clownish nightmare, lol!As for grinding, did anyone expect anything different, after all the grinding for the other festivals and gear etc etc etc?Lieni

  2. Festivals aren't that bad. I've never had any problem attaining enough of the barter item. And even Moria/Mirkwood normal sets look like a breeze to get now in comparison to the new raid gear. That rant was going to be a post soon. šŸ˜›

  3. The new raid is even worse grinding wise? *cry*I have been away on a small break, and have not yet ahd time to see all the new gear/trinket/etc grind stuff. Am really looking forward to your rant now! :PLieni

  4. Yeah you don't just win raid pieces anymore. You have to win the piece then have 300-400 barter medallions for it. These can only be gotten at the new instances. And you can only get medallions from them twice a week. So this means you can get up to 80 medallions a week. Now the raid gives a decent amount, especially for t2, but still, I think once you've won a raid piece, you've won it.

  5. Amen to that.But, the whole grinding out is such a nice way to keep people occupied, and so easy to programm…@_@Still, this new system sounds even more boring – they now limit even those ppl who before grinded out thier armor with skirmishes…. *sigh*I wonder, is it any different at the US servers, and its only CM terrorising us?Lieni

  6. Wow.. That horse is… is.. amm.. which could be the best word for that horse?… Wait.. I need to check google tanslator for this word… Back, This horse is lurid… This was the best and close word that the translator dropped. (Espeluznante in spanish.

  7. oh god.. reading yours and Xhii's posts make me so happy i decided to take a break from lotro.. heheh

  8. There's not a chance in hell that I'll ever own that new horse – due to the grind necessary. The same goes for the new armour set. I might get the odd piece, but that'll be about it – and I don't think anyone will really notice either ;)I'm quite content to enjoy the new instances and raid on an ad-hoc basis and take whatever shinies that fall my way. If I were to try the grind, I know it'd only end up turning me off the game.

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