Meet Tristadoc

Hallo there!

This is Tristadoc, my new hobbit burglar.  He’s a nice guy, always willing to lend a hand whether it be deliveries:

or getting down to business and banishing some bad guys!:

Yet he also knows how to have some fun!

I’ve been having quite a lot of fun playing him.  At first I did have a female human burglar.  It would have been an elf one if I could have made one as I’ve been too stuck on them.  I only strayed from the female elf character when I was forced to, ie captain.  I of course identify with females so I’ve generally found them more enjoyable to play.  I do have a female hobbit minstrel, which really put me off hobbits.  All the screaming, the way they run, what is to me silly combat sounds and it being one of the more implausible race/gender combinations to be running around, adventuring in Middle Earth, made it tiresome to play.  I doubt I would have made it to the former level cap if I hadn’t been leveling with someone.  It just wasn’t for me, which is unfortunate as my minstrel is decently geared for 65 and the class I felt slightly more comfortable healing on (RK is a bit scary for me when the whole group is taking damage.)

I call this his “I’m sexy and I know it” look.

Luckily my boyfriend convinced me to give a hobbit burglar a try, since when you think about it, there really aren’t many good human thief characters in stories.  Also Bilbo is what inspired the class, so a hobbit makes the most sense.  I rolled one as a test on another server to make sure I could deal with the combat sounds (which I adore on a male hobbit!.. well, non-warden ones :P) before I deleted my current human one and found that a male hobbit is quite entertaining.  The side effect of finally trying out a male character, plus my RK duoing with my boyfriend’s male guardian, has been to make me want to reroll my female guardian.  But she’s a Westfold Master of the Guild Metalsmith.  No way in hell I’m redoing that!  Sometimes, low level crafters aren’t the best idea when you find you no longer want to play that race or gender. 😛 Yay for extra character slots I guess?

The burglar class in general is a blast as well.  It already felt powerful at the lowest levels and it’s only getting better.  He’s almost lvl 30 and hasn’t died yet (*knocks on wood*).  I’m taking my time leveling him and enjoying the journey! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Meet Tristadoc

  1. Lovely pictures, your hobbit burglar sounds like loads of fun :)Your post made me miss the poor hobbit warden I deleted at level 40-something. It's a shame that apart from male hobbits, male characters in LotRO just aren't very attractive (Men all look the same and male elves have a silly pose, and dwarves…)

  2. I find the male humans okay, but I agree about male elves. And dwarves are a race I won't touch at all. :POne problem regarding finally playing a male toon: I have hardly anything for him to wear! My wardrobe consists mainly of things for females. 😛

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