Lotro Summer Fest

The Summer Festival began yesterday in Lotro.  Not a lot has changed this year which is a bit disappointing as this is now the one festival that’s remained mostly unchanged in a few years I think.  Though with the added Anniversary and Farmers festivals, we can’t complain too much.  What has changed is the pie and keg races have now been moved into their own instanced area.  The pie race area is quite lovely, but due to a bug with the stable horse to the keg races, I’ve not been able to see that area yet.  Also a consolation box has been added in so that you receive a few tokens instead of walking away empty handed if you bet for the wrong hobbit or dwarf to win.  Gathering tokens is really paltry compared to the Farmers festival but I remember this being the case last year as well.  The only way to get a decent amount of tokens is from the races, but of course that’s completely luck based.  A combination of Lotro burnout and excitement for Guild Wars has left me feeling not so festive, so I’m thankful I got all my deeds done last year!  I’ve also decided to stop being a completionist and only go after things I want and there’s not really anything in this festival that I do.

I think the horse is actually quite pretty though they chose not to give it a proper saddle for some reason.  Turbine has made festival horses redundant for me due to the fact that they aren’t as fast.  62% vs 68% speed doesn’t sound like a big difference, but it’s noticeable.  Though I do wonder, can festival horse skins be put on our warhorses?  I think I’ll perhaps go after this steed just in case:

The new festival cosmetics had potential:

But as you can see in the next picture only the light area can be dyed.  The problem is, not much goes with green.  I tried lots of different dyes and I wasn’t happy with many of them.  I’m not a fan of this deep green colour so I think I’ll give the dress a pass.  My vaults have no room for cosmetics I’m likely not to use. :p

I thought the tunic might be interesting on my hobbit but once I previewed it, I decided against it.  I dunno what it is.. maybe the neckline?  But the hat!  What is up with that hat!? 😛  For some reason Lotro devs love their silly hats and helms! 😛

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One thought on “Lotro Summer Fest

  1. The cosmetics are a lil more interesting to me than some have been.
    That dress totally looks like a Louisiana Mardi Gras with deep green and purple.
    And the hat… well, it is different than the usual type of cap.

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