Bonnie and Clyde

The boyfriend (who I’ll call by his screen name, Spaix, from now on) and I have been having lots of fun since we got into Guild Wars on Saturday.  It’s not been without its hiccups:  log in problems,  guild problems,  and overflow problems.  But ArenaNet has done a good job keeping up communication with its customers so I can cut them some slack.  It’s been great being able to explore a new world and get lost in it (oh jumping puzzles, how I both loathe and love you!)  I’ve also been enjoying GW’s version of quest hubs, which are called hearts, as they all have varying things to do.  I’ve done things such as watering crops, feeding cows, cleaning up graffiti, taste testing ale collecting stolen goods, and your normal killing the bad guys to name a few.  I actually feel sad when I’ve missed out on proper heart completion whenever an event takes place and ends up completing the heart for me through the killing of the attacking mobs.  The only thing I’m lacking is an overarching story, something that connects all these different areas. Sure you have your personal story but as of right now it seems completely unconnected.

One particular heart had us training with weapons: gun, sword and shield.  Here are Spaix and I doing some target practice:

This screenshot made me think of Bonnie and Clyde :P:

I was a total fail at the shield training.  I just couldn’t get the timing right, never blocked and was constantly knocked down.  Spaix had a grand ol’ time laughing at me. *rolls eyes*

So far the outfits I’ve had in the game are pretty enough and I’m really enjoying the dye system.  Once you’ve unlocked a dye you have it forever.  You can continually dye your armour as much as you want for no cost.  I’ve changed colours several times already!  I crafted myself a set of gear which was pretty though as is so common with females in games, completely inappropriate for combat!

I dunno about the genie pants.. but hey, they’re pretty modest for GW’s standards. 😛

I’ve been going screenshot crazy in this game.  I’m already building up a backlog, just like Lotro. ^^

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2 thoughts on “Bonnie and Clyde

  1. Amazing screenshots! And omg, your character (what is she called?) looks gorgeous with that outfit. Yes, even the pants! 😉

    I love the shirt so much that I consider making it for myself iRL – although I’ll probably wear a shirt under it. 😛

    • Thanks! 🙂 She’s called Nenneth.

      That shirt looks like it could be challenging to make! and yeah, it’s a bit revealing! 😛

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