The LI Grind

I was skimming through the official forums and read a thread suggesting how we can prepare for the Rohan endgame.  Most of it was pretty much what I expected but I was fairly taken back when I read this bit about the new relics:

  • T9 Relics cost 1566 shards each (9,696 for six)
  • Eastemnent Relics cost three specific relics and 5568 shards each (33,408-61,596 for six, depending on luck).
  • True Relics cost four relics (any four) and 11,136 shards each (66,816 for six)

*spits drink out* *wipes off the computer screen*

Let’s ignore the already ridiculous costs we have ingame right now and the 5,568 shards for Eastemnet Relics (plus more if you weren’t lucky enough to decon the correct specific relics and need to meld those.)  But… 11,136 shards for ONE relic.  What are the devs smoking? Srsly!?  Apparently this number has been reduced from 14k.  I guess we’re supposed to be thankful?

I’m not sure if this information is still correct, but I found these numbers here concerning crafted relic shard returns:

  • T1 Crafted – 32 Relic Shards
  • T2 Crafted – 79
  • T3 Crafted – 464

I’ve never found deconning normal relics to yield me that many shards as I needed them for the melding anyway.  So my primary source for shards has been crafted relics.  I’m too lazy to do the math but it’s pretty obvious to see that it will take you a long time to get one True Relic.  Given characters need multiple LIs (some classes have it worse than others), these costs are outrageous.  Sure, this is beta and subject to change.  It would be really lovely if it was.

The thing is, the relic system was changed to supposedly make it easier to obtain relics.  It was supposed to be so easy that we wouldn’t even need to get them back on a max level decon.  It was so easy we could throw them away, get new ones and only buy the relic removal scroll in the store if we were feeling “lazy”.  Bah, the whole relic system has changed into a money grab from Turbine says my cynical self.

The only problem we had before the revamp was the randomness of it (and one could argue too many tiers).  It was down to luck if you got the right legacies on a weapon and got the relic you needed when combining.  I fully appreciate that Turbine has given us the control we’ve been asking for.  I don’t think they’ve implemented it correctly though.  Now we have:

  • too many tiers (back to 9 tiers again)
  • gold cost per meld is too steep (I spent nearly 50 gold  making relics for my RK’s LIs. It used to cost 100 silver to forge a t9 relic before the ravamp.. just saying)
  • shard requirement is outrageous
  • relic removal ability taken away from us and added into the store

I don’t like either how I remove a t6 legacy from a weapon and have it downgraded to a t2 but I can understand that they want us to put some work into the new weapon… though I could gripe about the whole throwing-away of a supposedly legendary weapon every 5 levels.

I can honestly say the LI grind is what has kept me from leveling many characters to level cap (well that and I find Stunland… I mean Dunland a bit boring).  I’m the type who likes to have well-geared characters, but when I think about all the work legacies and relics would take me, I just go “Meh….” and find something else to do.  Right now I cannot bring myself to grind out the compendiums on loads of characters to make loads of crafted relics, not to mention I should be doing all the guild crafting (I have every craft to max rank and reputation) so that they’re ready for the new crafting rep level.  But I just cannot be bothered.  It’s too much.

MoonwalkIntoMordor sums it up nicely:

Nobody can defend the current state of the system with a straight face. The best thing they can do is telling that “You don’t have to do it, so just ignore it and settle for tier 6″. Why should I ignore broken design? Why should I ignore the fact that they turned the system into an even worse resource sink compared to the old one, with the premise of fixing it? Telling that they want relics to be disposable, but making them so darned hard to obtain?

I am disappointed.








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10 thoughts on “The LI Grind

  1. You always have such good insight on what is going on. 🙂

    Those are truly extraordinarily boggling and staggering prices for relics! For that big of a price jump, one would think it should at least be a HUGE benefit to have such a relic. Unless the format has changed on how relics are designed (T5 vs T6 vs T7 etc), I have a hard time believing that it would be worth it to actually *work* toward such a relic. Simple econ, right? …reduce the price, or improve the value of the commodity.

    BTW: Here is some updated info for crafted relics (includes time to make and shard return). I assume that the updated Crafting tier will also have crafted relics. I can only imagine that with this “inflation” in price of relics, crafted relics of the new tier will have a huge shard return… one can hope.

    Minor symbol 18 hrs 64 shards
    Symbol 2d 18hrs 158 shards
    Device 2d 18hrs 162 shards
    Symbol of (Tactics) 6d 18hrs 384 shards
    Device of (Tactics) 6d 18hrs 768 shards

    • As far as I’ve heard, the new relics are going to be much more of an improvement than they “T5 vs T6 vs T7” etc currently is, meaning, people will actually want to get them. And indeed, the prices are straight insane. I’m still hoping they are going to change something about these prices, because I know myself, and I don’t want to waste my time grinding things. I might end up with a not greatly end-geared character if it stays like this, not to talk of my two raiding alts.

  2. LIs are what finally broke me in LOTRO, the point where I realised the game was built to waste my time to extend the amount of time I spent in there to syphon more money out of me. That’s even I quit & I’ll never play it again – I simply do not have time in my life for a company to so deliberately waste it. God, I’m still as angry about that as I was when I posted about LIs 🙂

    • LIs might be what breaks me of Lotro, dunno. :/ I can deal with some amount of grind, but I do not enjoy doing the same grind every 5 levels and then multiple times because I got a 1st ager. Warsteeds are basically going to be yet another LI… it’s getting hard for those of us who like having a blinged out character.

  3. I hate LI’s. End-of

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