I’m still having plenty of fun playing GW2.  It’s been a joy running through beautiful environments with a lovely soundtrack and fun combat.  I’m not sure if it’s going to stick, if I’m going to have that attachment I had to Lotro (which I think I’ll rename Lord of the Lags Online after tonight’s problems… ugh…)  Whilst I’m having fun, I think it’s the lack of any feel of progression and not really any unifying feel to all the zones that have me wondering what replayability is going to be like.  Perhaps more on that in another post.  But for now: Vistas!

I’ve been enjoying this part of the game.  Vistas are points on the map that you can discover.  Once you get to them you get to ‘view’ them which cuts to a cinematic of the area.  Getting off the beaten path is always fun to me.  Lotro only has one official puzzle which is in Mirkwood though there were and still are some special places you can get to on the map, though they’ve shut a lot of them down (I remember meaning to make a post about one of them, need to remember that :P).  I find that sort of thing quite sad so have welcomed this exploration in GW.  It’s rare to find an invisible wall.  I hope this is something other games might adapt as it provides a lot of fun!

Sometimes it’s obvious how to get to them and they may take little or no jumping:

Others take a bit more thought to get up and involve a more treacherous path:

Others take you through a far more dangerous area:

and are little mini puzzles to get through.  This one happened to also be the jumping puzzle for the area I believe.  You had to figure out how to climb the big tower to reach the vista up on the cliff in the back:

You’re usually rewarded with a really nice view and screenshot opportunities!

No matter how easy or hard they are, they always feel like an achievement when you get to them:

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