Mini stories

or aka Dynamic Events in GW2.  Now there are quite a few bloggers who have illustrated that the events really aren’t all that dynamic and I agree.  You see some of the same ones or could wait around for one.  The centaurs will always attack, sometimes players will repel them, sometimes not.  I’m still enjoying them.  What I most like about some of them is the mini stories, the bits of dialogue that go on with them.  Whilst Lotro has no events, I can think of a few places where there are nice little side conversations, such as the dwarves in the Walls of Moria instances or the hobbit who is having an adventure in Budgeford

I wish Lotro had more of these and less of the inane repeated chatter.  I like little conversations like these and I like how GW2 encourages me to pay attention to what the NPCs are saying around me.  It also encourages people to follow the NPCs after events are finished as you can be rewarded with a funny conversation or another event.  One great example is an event with a pirate (which is doubly awesome as it ties into another event!).  You’d never experience his performance unless you followed him back after the event was over:

It’s amazing someone spent time to write that song! 🙂

The other day, my Norn warrior bumped into a conversation some Norn kids were having.  It was a boy boasting about how tough he was.  I didn’t get there at the beginning but luckily my chat box picked it up as I was running in:

Off he went, actually did punch the grawl, but it didn’t go as intended:

Seems Slagvi got himself into some trouble:

Luckily for him, me and some other adults were around to save him.  That of course didn’t stop him from trying to spin the whole event in his favor!

I love the commentary from the adults once the fight was over! 😀

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