Why u no give for free!?

So hurray, Turbine has benevolently listened to the wishes of their players!  Hurray again, right?  Some players have wanted an XP disabler and it looks like they may get their wish come RoR.  But there’s a catch.  Here’s a description from the Bullroarer store:

Feel like you’re leveling too fast, and want to slow your character’s progression down? When used, this item disables experience earning from monster kills and quest completions. The item remains in your inventory, and can be used again to dispel the disabler effect, allowing you to earn experience again. The item can be continually used to disable and re-enable experience until the item expires. This inventory item lasts seven days.”

It seems we’re definitely to the point that anything that will improve quality will be monetised by Turbine.   The 6th bag is coming! …but you need to order the legendary RoR edition or pay TP later.  We’ve improved the barter wallet to be what it should have been to begin with! …that will be 995TP please.  You can use your skirmish soldiers on the landscape! …cough up some TP again.  We’re improving the relic system to where you can easily obtain the best relics, so much to the point you can just throw away the ones you currently have when you’re deconning, though lolz, we’re not really gonna do that as it’s gonna take you weeks and weeks to grind out the shards sooo… here’s a super duper Relic Removal scroll in the store for your convenience for some more TP plz!  New Harvest Festival with fun games where you must quickly gather eggs or mushrooms and these games will be tied to deeds! …oh you think those games are fun?  Yep, you know the drill.  Moar TP if you want to play moar!

There’s more coming too.  You know how we have 6 LI slots?  You know how we’re getting legendary bridles for our war steeds?  Those bridles go into your existing LI slots.  So Turbine has added an additional LI but they ain’t giving you additonal slots to make up for this.  I believe there are different types of bridles depending on the sort of war steed you’d like to use which would mean multiple bridles (I could be wrong though!).  Now most classes already need multiple LIs and have at least 4 slots taken up with the remaining two used for leveling other LIs for legacies, etc.  People will be forced to buy additional slots if they want to make use of these bridles.  There’s a thread in the beta forums complaining about this.  One can hope Turbine will do the right thing but after all the other jerky, greedy moves, I won’t be surprised if they don’t.

It’s frustrating to have junk like this reducing my love of the game.  I just wish the store would be used for convenience like they said it was going to be.   I wish Turbine had the attitude that Colin Johanson over with GW2 expressed:

We do appreciate that you’d like to buy lots of new content, but we’d prefer to give a lot of it to you for free, cause that’s what we think a responsible MMO company does!

*sigh* [/rant]


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10 thoughts on “Why u no give for free!?

  1. I so know what you mean. 😦

  2. Question

    You dont actually believe that GW2 snippet is to be taken literally, do you`Because that would be naive… Its a quick promo quip intended to get some rotation through the blogosphere (and you willfully comply) and not to be taken seriously.

    GW2 is a microtransaction game as well, plain and simple. And the game enhancers are already in their store. I really wonder how people can seriously claim that GW2 will not charge for future gameplay enhancements that are more than fluff. Sorry, but that goes against reality (and the example set by GW1, not to forget).

    As to the XP disabler: I have zero interest into this object. From my perspective, it is a pure fluff items that I will never use; the developer time on it is “wasted”. I dont want this to be paid for by the “common developer budget”. None of the things you name above is necessary for a full game experience, unless you actively choose to play in a way that needs the expanded functionality. You also ignore that simple playing of the game pays for most of the expanded features through free TP from deeds – more than half of which complete without specific grinding.

    • Considering GW’s history, I believe them a lot more than I do Turbine. And its shop is a proper cash shop. There is absolutely nothing in there that is needed to play the game in full and *normally*. I don’t need xp, karma or crafting boosts and extra characters or bank slots is precisely the thing that should go into cash shops. I call attention to the word normally as Turbine has moved in the direction that you don’t get to play normally without using their shop. Relic removal being removed from the game yet the function being put in the shop is the worst culprit. After that would be the “fixed” barter wallet. Next would be the limited harvest festival or treasure hunt games. Or how about potions that are better than ingame ones. Or scrolls that increase your stats that are virtually non-existent ingame. And it’s bullshit to say that I don’t need any of those things for a full game experience. I’ve seen this tired argument on the official forums plenty. A subscriber should NEVER have to visit the shop for any of that. A subscriber is paying to unlock the game in full whilst they’re paying.

      I’m not forgetting you can get TP through deeds. That’s not the point. I should never have to earn a store currency to unlock basic game features if I’m a VIP. Period. Nickle and dime non subscribers for all this? Go for it. Offer me convenience things such as xp, craft, or deed boosters. Offer me more storage, special mounts, exclusive clothing. But make me use the store to fix things you’ve broken, to do things that I used to could do in the game, only offering improvements through microtransactions instead of actually improving the game? … that’s blatant greediness which has affected the quality of the game for a lot of people, run quite a few people off (I say this as I know people personally who won’t play this game anymore) and will continue to run more off. I suppose why it really bothers me is because it is so completely antithetical to Tolkien’s works.

      I have no problem with the idea of an ingame shop, which is why you won’t see me complaining about GW2’s… unless they go down the same road Turbine has. I feel Turbine has done a bad job with f2p, haven’t held to what they said they were going to do and have shown themselves to be deceitful.

      • Nice reply, and I for one concur.

        I was going to do a post about the grind that is the Treasure Hunt, but I think I’d be re-treading much of the ground that you’ve covered above. Still, I might do it anyway, just to unleash some pent up ill-feeling.

        In short, I spent several hours don the Treasure Hunt last week but found the rewards to be just rubbish unless you get very lucky, grind like hell, or pay for picks in the store. The latter is what Turbine (or ‘Turbgrind’ as I’m feeling the urge to call them) really want, of course.

      • Well said and I fully agree. Arenanet & Turbine currently have the yin & yang of cash shops and I know which I prefer. As far as I can see there is no system in GW2 where you need to pay money to unlock the full use of that system (relic removal in LOTRO I’m looking directly at you). What Arenanet do instead is make it hard to make enough money in-game to buy the gems for the extra things you want. Hard but not impossible and dealing with them feels like talking to a very sharp organisation that knows how to make a deal work for them and you. Dealing with Turbine feels like being surrounded by Fagin’s urchins and no amount of velcro will keep them out of your pockets.

  3. Lol! Oh, the irony of paying TP to improve things that should be obvious that needed help. 🙂

    On the bright side, as a subsriber, I do get 500 TP/month to spend how I wish, which should (one might think) pay for some of these necessary things like relic removal scrolls, barter wallet, & LI slots…

    Of course, I think that it is wrong, and I believe that Turbine should offer better incentive to actually stay as a subscriber.

    • Yeah my stipend has has allowed me to not have to pay actual money for those things (though you have to be careful.. stat scrolls will eat up TP fast), but I still resent it. I’d rather use it on outfits, deed accelerators or storage! I like that Turbine gives this stipend to us and appreciate the fluff and convenience stuff… I just wish it would stop there!

    • Corleth, go for it! 😛

      I don’t understand how anyone could pay for extra picks. I did the treasure hunt for a bit months ago, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back for it this time. I really think I’m done with my completionism.

      • I never, ever bought picks despite having a stack of TPs in the ‘bank’ – it just galled me so much they they would create another system just to bleed money out of you rather than… than…. gah! anything else they could have used that dev time for.

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