End of Beta Event, Picspam Part 2

After summiting Orthanc, I hopped back down the campfire stairs to the top of Orthanc to join the fighting:

During a lull in the attacks, I noticed some lurking creatures:

Gandalf stopped by to admire all the tables:

At 85 in all crafted gear, I found I was running out of power quite fast as a dps LM.  The crafted gear left me around 500 will short in comparison to what my lvl 75 LM has which meant a reduced power pool, but I’m also guessing the problem was compounded by increased power costs on skills.  At least the drain power skill works better now and I also noticed its looks have been updated.

Oh and there was a giant dwarf…. 😛

The fighting resumed with a GM dropping a level 120 Frodo Baggins with A LOT of morale.  I gotta say, GMs spawning whatever mob they wanted whereever, at the level they choose and are able to change the mob’s morale at a whim.. well, it really makes me wonder why they can’t reset a bugged Draigoch. 😛

I didn’t really want to fight Frodo, nor was it possible as all my skills were missing so I headed back to Bree for the final minutes.  I found my path blocked though:

Thorog was doing his best not to let anyone by!

I kept my distance and worked around him and got some good views.

It was cool to get a good look at him.. though one of my shots is forever spoiled by a shirtless dwarf carrying around some corn! 😛

I got past Thorog…. only to find several more in my way!

I tried to get around them.. but yeah, it didn’t go well.  You know what’s coming!

They had a pretty insane killing range.  So I worked my way back and suddenly, POOF! I was a miniature version of me! 😀

I think I confused a NPC as well. 😉

I worked my way through the back alleys of Bree in hopes that they might provide a safer route to the Prancing Pony.  Once there, it was so laggy as the GMs seemed to have started a Boss Battle Royale!  It meant it was mostly safe to get close as the bosses were fighting each other. There were a few Mistresses of Pestilence, lots of Giants, lots of Tyrants (that were quickly beaten), a few Sarumans, Durin’s Banes, and at least one Thorog all fighting by the Endless Campfire and Table Stair.

It was an epic end to a fun night.  I’m really glad I got to see one of these finally! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “End of Beta Event, Picspam Part 2

  1. Super cool awesome pictures Loth, thank you for sharing! 😀

  2. Really amazing images, I would love to play this some time soon!

  3. Lothirieth! Thanks for sharing the great picture sets!
    Having just met Thorog recently, that is so cool seeing him out and about. 🙂
    You rock!

  4. That picture with the dwarf holding the corn is awesome!

  5. The shrunk LM is epic! Did you try to summon a pet while miniaturized? 😀

    • Ah no, I didn’t think about it. I was racing around trying to find something to compare my character with to show the size comparison. I just barely found that NPC, then the effect wore off.

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