Mission Accomplished

In my last entry, I talked about how Innocent would be going after the ‘Original Challenger of Saruman’ title, which is a title the first group to complete all challenge modes of ToO in one continuous run.  Subsequent groups can earn ‘Challenger of Saruman’.  We knew other groups wanted to go after it as well, so it was a bit of a race.  There were a couple hiccups here and there, but all in all it went quite smoothly.  Within 4 hours (including dinner break and other afks), we got our title!


The ‘Original’ team:


I’m feeling very done with ToO now, but we’ll have to go back a time or two to finish off the deeds for other members who were not able to be part of the run.  It’s a great feeling to have this all completed. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Woot Loth congratulations! Wonderful achievement and the steed looks so awesome! Especially with that robe. 🙂

  2. Thank you! 😀

  3. More congratulations due! Great job!

    What’ll you all do with yourselves now?? 😛

  4. Still so totally awesome. 🙂

    *This* is the steed outfit that a WS should be able to wear, because earning him was a great achievement! You totally rock.

  5. And… more grats! 😀

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