Conflicting Armor

One thing that tends to bother me in game is female armor, or well, the lack of it.  So often it’s downright stupid and only designed for male titillation.  I think it’s one of the reasons I liked Lotro so much.  The armor stays respectful to women.  Sure there are tight pants or a dress that’s low cut in the cleavage area, but on the whole it tends to feel somewhat realistic or appropriate.

Guild Wars is a game that’s caught its share of flak for skimpy armor.  I never played GW1 so I don’t know about the choices in it, but in GW2 you do at least have the choice between full coverage or something skimpy.

I did find one piece of heavy armor that I both loathed and loved.  Loathed as it is skimpy and no woman would ever wear it into battle yet I couldn’t help but sort of love as it made my Norn Warrior look awesome. 😛

Behold, a gladiator chest piece (and to be fair, the male version is just as revealing I believe :P)

It displays her awesome muscles so very well.  I mean, look at how ripped she is! She’s one strong woman who you don’t want to mess with! 😀

And I absolutely love these next photos.  She looks like some badass model! 😀  Or maybe some unwitting dude just called her sweetie and she’s walking towards him with her “What did you just call me?” look and preparing to deck him! 😛

I was actually tempted to use this chest piece in an outfit, but I couldn’t find any decent leg piece to go with it.  The matching stuff was just bad, in my opinion.  So it didn’t last long and she soon upgraded to some new armor, which actually looked a heck of a lot more appropriate and actually quite pretty.

It was a fun diversion and indulgence for a bit. 😉

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6 thoughts on “Conflicting Armor

  1. Yes, the male version of that armor is just as revealing.

    And personally, if I saw a warrior like yours charging at me in battle, while wearing that outfit, I would probably just freeze in fear or try to run as fast as I could. That look just scream “powerful” to me and only an idiot would underestimate her. 🙂

    • I suppose that’s true. I mean, anyone willing to expose that much flesh must be confident, I guess? 😛 And it does look a bit brutish. ^^

      • Indeed. With all those muscles exposed it is like shouting “See how much I am exposed? Try to come and kill me! But I guarantee I will break all your bones before you even have a chance to hit me!”

  2. Some months ago I read an interesting post about female characters and armours 🙂
    You can find it here:

  3. Korrigan

    I’m using this on my warrior main, looks pretty cool imho:

    • That is a nice look!

      I ended up going with Crucible of Eternity armor and one piece of Citadel of Flame armor. I should post an update.

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