Quote of the Day

If you make a game and then spend more time worrying about its economy than its gameplay, you’ve failed at making a game.

Mungrul at the official GW2 forums

Now I don’t at all feel that ANet has failed in making a game but I often feel they’re focused too much on the economy.  I’ve never worried about making money in an MMO so much before.  I suppose it’s not surprising when you can pay real money to buy a currency you can then exchange into in-game gold.  It’s probably in the company’s best interest to make money making difficult and allow the more rare or desirable skins cost extraordinary sums of money.

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Korrigan

    I have approx. 50g to my name in GW2, and I never tried to make money. I don’t buy gold for gems either.

  2. Well, if you don’t want some super shiny skin or a legendary.. then there is no reason to try to make money. 🙂 So it depends on one’s activities as to how much the economy will impact your gameplay.

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