One thing I love about GW2 is the “hidden” gems one can find.  The developers reward people who pay attention to their surroundings or talk to NPCs, with enjoyable bits of conversation.

Whilst doing a jumping puzzle, I suddenly heard some humming.  My interest piqued, so I waited around and was serenaded by a cute quaggan. 🙂

After I finished the jp, I went down to her to see if she had any more songs to sing.

Luckily some other people found her too and did some recordings, so you too can bask in her cuteness! (I dunno why, but I found her so cute and entertaining. :P)

Apparently these are popular quaggan songs, as others around Tyria sing them as well.  They even sing in German for the German client! 😀

I love that I’m still finding stuff like this in game.  I’m very glad I didn’t rush world completion and instead have taken my time. 🙂




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