Quote of the Day 10-10-13

Moar quotes! ( I know I should write something myself but this also was just too good!)

If you have a quality product, you put it on display at gaming conventions and allow people to play it.  You have open betas.  You allow the “gaming press” to sit down and actually play it rather than plop them in front of guided tour videos.  Heck, even if you don’t want people to just play and find out for themselves how good the game is, you at least release lengthy (8-10 minute) gameplay videos.

If you don’t have a quality product, you keep as many details as possible to yourself and focus on marketing tricks.


Gee, I wonder which game this might be applicable to?

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5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day 10-10-13

  1. Korrigan

    Yeah, I wonder… WHAT game could that be? 😉

  2. Unless, for example, you’re Steve Jobs and you plan to astonish the world with your brilliance when you finally take the wraps off your super-secret baby in a blaze of worldwide publicity and glory.

    I can’t think of many games that would have applied to though.

    But how common is it really to have open betas? And right from the start, without a closed beta for a good long while first?

    I suspect the main problem is there’s a lot of pressure to ship by mid-Nov for business reasons, and the thing is just not properly ready yet. There are probably devs working all the hours that God sends trying to get it all working even moderately well, and managers with fingers crossed that enough glitches can be shaken out by the deadline to avoid disaster.

    I wish them well, because I’d like to see LOTRO continue for a good many years yet.

    • If I recall correctly (which may not be correct :P), Rohan had its NDA dropped at this point before release or at least very close to this point (ie a month before release… the pushed back release date I mean.) My memory may be shoddy, but I’m recalling them being more open with what was in Rohan than they are this time with HD even before the NDA was dropped. I don’t remember so many of these guided tours, but more of the devs playing with the gaming press, showing them what they wanted the press to see.

      • They gave themselves a lot longer for the whole process last time, and even then they had to push the release date back.

        It’s not surprising that the NDA hasn’t been dropped after just a month of closed beta. What’s surprising is they only allowed themselves two months from the start of the closed beta to the release date.

        The thing doesn’t bode well I agree.

        I suspect they’re between a rock and a hard place. Quite likely they get a lot of their earnings at this time of year and if they delayed launch to next year, missing out on those earnings would cripple the company. But if the product isn’t really ready and they launch it, they’ll also get a whole host of problems,

        I’m hoping I’m wrong, but this could all turn out very badly for the future of the game.

  3. You’re completely right about the NDA still being in place regarding this beta’s actual timeline. I’d not thought about it that way. They may indeed be in between a rock and a hard place. I suppose we’ll find out soon. I’m very pessimistic about the game’s future, but my playing already took a huge hit in RoR wiith the lack of quality (and quantity of), new group content and the loot revamp.

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