Achievements, Part One

A guildie started a thread called “Show off your MS paint skills” which is a spin off of a thread called ‘WvW in MS Paint’ on our server’s unofficial forums.  He thought it would be funny to see what guildies could come up.

My submission, a commentary on the effect of the WvW Season 1 achievements on the state of WvW.😛 (click for full size)

I wanted to do more, but I’m so used to any artistic endeavours being undertaken in Photoshop.  I❤ layers!  They make everything easier.

I have two more ideas I want to draw.   Perhaps I’ll be a bit cheaty with Photoshop.  Or just try a bit harder with paint.  Ally Brosh can come up with some epic stuff with paint  at Hyperbole and a Half (I highly recommend reading through her blog… it’s brilliant), so it’s worth a try.😛

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5 thoughts on “Achievements, Part One

  1. Haha, sneaky siege! I didn’t actually know that was possible…😛

  2. Yeah, it takes a certain number of people to be hitting something to cause a flag to be shown on the map. It’s the way my small guild has been able to take large objectives before. Only hit with rams or show up with a couple of golems to bash on the gate. As long as there’s no enemies in whatever you’re attacking to actually *see* what’s happening, no one is the wiser until you’ve taken it.😛

  3. Ethu

    haha the look on the archers face, so funny😀
    wordpress doesn’t suck btw😛 you can put the respective imagelink in a section within the editing screen and tadaa – clickable full size pic:) (don’t know how to describe this better, i use the german version^^)

    • Alrighty, I’ll take a look and see if I can figure that out, thanks.:) I’m just used to blogger automatically resizing and making a clickable image.

      • Ethu

        i think wordpress remembers your choice, back when i started i had the same problem😀 but know it just selects the right link automatically. yw:)

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