Scenes from Endewaith

I hadn’t expected to be doing anything in Endewaith as my experiences in the Mirkwood launch weren’t positive. It was so crowded and far too much competition over mobs. So I figured I’d stay away from Endewaith in hopes it wouldn’t be quite so crowded later. But I did start the epic book which of course takes me there and to my surprise, it was actually okay. I don’t know if this is due to people being occupied with the revamped instances (which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed) or the new layering system. I noticed late at night there was still a layer and the region seemed relatively sparse of players.

I had wanted to duo Endewaith as I find exploring a new region to be more fun with another person. I really like duoing with another LM and luckily I just made a new, good friend who happens to play one. *cheers* I’ve had a great time running around with him. 🙂

I did ride around Endewaith on the test server because I just couldn’t resist taking a peek. At first look, I didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel like Middle Earth. It felt more like AoC. It’s starting to grow on me. A lot of it looks nice except for one area…the graphics are crap for me…not sure why. There’s some really nice colour in some areas and certain points of the day:

I’m most in awe with the night sky. They’ve done a much better job with the clouds and stars. Stars used to show through the clouds for me all the time, but now thicker clouds blot them out as they should!

I’ve only finished two of the quest hubs and look forward to the rest of the quests and areas!

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