The LI Grind

I was skimming through the official forums and read a thread suggesting how we can prepare for the Rohan endgame.  Most of it was pretty much what I expected but I was fairly taken back when I read this bit about the new relics:

  • T9 Relics cost 1566 shards each (9,696 for six)
  • Eastemnent Relics cost three specific relics and 5568 shards each (33,408-61,596 for six, depending on luck).
  • True Relics cost four relics (any four) and 11,136 shards each (66,816 for six)

*spits drink out* *wipes off the computer screen*

Let’s ignore the already ridiculous costs we have ingame right now and the 5,568 shards for Eastemnet Relics (plus more if you weren’t lucky enough to decon the correct specific relics and need to meld those.)  But… 11,136 shards for ONE relic.  What are the devs smoking? Srsly!?  Apparently this number has been reduced from 14k.  I guess we’re supposed to be thankful?

I’m not sure if this information is still correct, but I found these numbers here concerning crafted relic shard returns:

  • T1 Crafted – 32 Relic Shards
  • T2 Crafted – 79
  • T3 Crafted – 464

I’ve never found deconning normal relics to yield me that many shards as I needed them for the melding anyway.  So my primary source for shards has been crafted relics.  I’m too lazy to do the math but it’s pretty obvious to see that it will take you a long time to get one True Relic.  Given characters need multiple LIs (some classes have it worse than others), these costs are outrageous.  Sure, this is beta and subject to change.  It would be really lovely if it was.

The thing is, the relic system was changed to supposedly make it easier to obtain relics.  It was supposed to be so easy that we wouldn’t even need to get them back on a max level decon.  It was so easy we could throw them away, get new ones and only buy the relic removal scroll in the store if we were feeling “lazy”.  Bah, the whole relic system has changed into a money grab from Turbine says my cynical self.

The only problem we had before the revamp was the randomness of it (and one could argue too many tiers).  It was down to luck if you got the right legacies on a weapon and got the relic you needed when combining.  I fully appreciate that Turbine has given us the control we’ve been asking for.  I don’t think they’ve implemented it correctly though.  Now we have:

  • too many tiers (back to 9 tiers again)
  • gold cost per meld is too steep (I spent nearly 50 gold  making relics for my RK’s LIs. It used to cost 100 silver to forge a t9 relic before the ravamp.. just saying)
  • shard requirement is outrageous
  • relic removal ability taken away from us and added into the store

I don’t like either how I remove a t6 legacy from a weapon and have it downgraded to a t2 but I can understand that they want us to put some work into the new weapon… though I could gripe about the whole throwing-away of a supposedly legendary weapon every 5 levels.

I can honestly say the LI grind is what has kept me from leveling many characters to level cap (well that and I find Stunland… I mean Dunland a bit boring).  I’m the type who likes to have well-geared characters, but when I think about all the work legacies and relics would take me, I just go “Meh….” and find something else to do.  Right now I cannot bring myself to grind out the compendiums on loads of characters to make loads of crafted relics, not to mention I should be doing all the guild crafting (I have every craft to max rank and reputation) so that they’re ready for the new crafting rep level.  But I just cannot be bothered.  It’s too much.

MoonwalkIntoMordor sums it up nicely:

Nobody can defend the current state of the system with a straight face. The best thing they can do is telling that “You don’t have to do it, so just ignore it and settle for tier 6″. Why should I ignore broken design? Why should I ignore the fact that they turned the system into an even worse resource sink compared to the old one, with the premise of fixing it? Telling that they want relics to be disposable, but making them so darned hard to obtain?

I am disappointed.








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After a fair few nights, lining up for a lot of tries at Shadow Challenge Mode,

many times purposefully wiping in order to preserve the challenge,

Innocent finally prevailed and conquered the challenge mode with a few seconds to spare!

For the first time I actually remembered to get a screenshot of the deed completion popping up on my screen. 😛  We don’t have a video unfortunately due to our camera man not raiding with us that night.  It was such a relief to finally get this done.  I was starting to feel like we were banging our heads on the wall.  It’s quite the stressful fight for an LM as well.  Also your pet won’t stay on the boss even when you take it off assist.  It makes me feel dumb when I notice my bear is sat in the middle of the room doing nothing!  The last thing I want to be paying attention to is if my pet is attacking the boss or not!  Anyway, Innocent is now 3/5 for the challenge modes, which is basically all that is possible until Turbine fixes the Fire and Frost and Saruman fights.

I also received my 3rd(!) first ager.  It’s sorta weird to have what feels like so many to me as never before have I been lucky enough to receive a 1st age token while it’s still currently the best in the game.  I decided to make my rk a new fire stone.  I lucked out with my legacies, but the base stats were a fair bit of a let down.  I don’t get why the devs do this.  You can see the difference between my new stone and my 2nd ager.  It’s going to be hard to give those passives up, but on the whole, the 1st ager is definitely better.  But seriously:  what rk wants agility or parry rating?  or how about might on an LM staff?  Why even bother having these useless things ingame, especially when it deflates players a bit after the elation of getting a new weapon?  Ah well, I’m certainly enjoying the higher dps and menacing tanks even more. 😉

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Falling apart

Lotro has returned to nice looking raid armour after the mehness of Ost Dunhoth armour.  There are some exceptions here and there but it was the first time I felt no need to win armour on multiple toons mostly because it looked pretty.  Of course stats are nice too. 😉  I quite like most of the Isenguard armour though I wish it would have had more variation between the classes like the Dar Narbugud or Barad Guldur armour did.  I’ve earned 5 pieces on loremaster and champ now, but I discovered a somewhat disturbing bug when my champ finally donned all of her armour.  It’s literally turning her into pieces! :/

When I display the chest armour a large gash appears under her jaw:

Then when I display the trousers, a gap appears on her waist:

This is one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. 😛  It’s a pity as I was really looking forward to wearing this armour.

In regards to other things falling apart, the past weeks have been a bit tumultuous in Lotro for my boyfriend and I.  We’ve found ourselves in a new kin.  Whilst we didn’t want to leave our old kin, we’re grateful to be in our new one and surrounded by kind and fun people (who we were already raiding with anyway as our former kin went kaput in regards to raiding).  I suppose not a lot is different for us as the kin was so dead and we were doing the majority of our grouping up with people outside of kin. But it’s not easy to chat with some former kinnies anymore which is sad as I know we’ll slowly lose touch without the ease of kin chat. But, to reference a quote I read a little while ago: “Destruction breeds creation. If something falls apart, that leaves room for a new beginning.”  So this is my mindset.  🙂  Instead of dwelling in anger and frustration, I’ll focus on the new friends I’ve made and the fun we’ve had, like completing the server 1st kill of Shadow Wing t2 a few weeks ago! woot!

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Latest Outfit

After the ugliness that was OD and Draigoch armour, Turbine has returned to the nice-looking raid sets. I think a lot of the Isenguard raid armour looks quite nice. I’ve yet to get the LM robe as it’s the worst piece of the set and I’m working on getting my 5-set bonus for a 35s blinding flash. I’ll grind out those seals to get the teal robe as I think it looks a lot better than the purple-set robe. And of course my champ would love the chest and leg armour pieces as well, but she’d need to complete Saruman and grind the seals as well. I’m sure she’ll get it at some point.

I’ve started to incorporate some Isenguard raid pieces and I feel I’ve come up with a nice non-dress caster outfit! 🙂

All Black Dye aside from head which I’ve not dyed.
Head: Hat of Deep Lore
Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of the Iordur (Loremaster Tower of Orthanc teal set)
Chest: Breastplate of the Lady’s Power (Champion DN set)
Gloves: Gloves of the Iordur (Loremaster ToO teal set)
Legs: Trousers of the Iordur (Loremaster ToO teal set)
Shoes: Memory of the West Shoes (Loremaster Ost Dunhoth t2 set)

I also have to share this screenie as I think it looks cool. I didn’t end up using it for armour pictures as the arm does cover the chest armour.

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A wee bit crowded… and the update

A shot of the crafting hall in the 21st on update day of people puzzling over the new LIs. 😀

I’m mostly okay with the new system. I was finally able to make the perfect staff, perfect dps book and perfect raid book. That part took minimal effort given ixp is very easy to get in the new instances. There was one bit that really made me grumble though. I extracted t6 legacies and replaced t6 legacies, but I got a t2 legacy instead. So I had to buy 8 empowerment scrolls which cost me around 14k in marks. I’ve calculated that my new raid book is going to need 15 empowerment scrolls. The bill for that comes to 29250 marks. 😮 I suppose this is what I had wanted though: more control over my weapons with the tradeoff being it takes longer to work on them. Though given we’ll be replacing these weapons with first agers and then when we’re level 70 we’ll start the whole process all over again, I still feel it’s a bit too much work being put into weapons that will be thrown away. I’m still waiting for those legendary weapons that will grow with us…

The relics are easier to get now, but I’ll still be having to buy the relic removal scrolls from the store as the best combination for me is old and new relics. I really do wish they would have kept the old ones. Alts that never got high tiers or that are leveling up will never have the opportunity to get them.

All in all it’s been mostly a good update. The instances have been plenty challenging though my only gripe is that they are overly long, especially the spider boss in the Farm and the final fight of the Temple. I found the new book to be highly enjoyable, especially the session play. It was fantastic. All in all, I’m not sure this update is going to hold people for very long. I know people in my kin have been going quite hard at the instances. At least the raid will keep us busy for quite a while. 🙂

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Funny and Confusing

I was questing in the Silvertine Lodes on my RK and got this hilarious poison. I love this sort of stuff. For some reason it reminds me of the movie Aliens…I guess from that Alien that pops out of the people’s bodies. 😛 My favourite debuff has to be the one the toads give you in the Water Works though. 😛

Then for the confusing. This staff dropped in SG the other day:

What’s the point? Who is going to use that? You’d have to be awfully dumb to do so. There’s so many drops in this game that just don’t make sense. Why waste time on them? I’ve never gotten that.

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New shiny cosmetics

I finally got two more raid pieces I’ve been lusting after for so long. Maybe it was was a waste of points…but I couldn’t help it. I wanted them and had the points so I bid. 😛

First was the awesome Minstrel shoulders! This was a pure cosmetic bid as I’m not really going to play my minstrel most likely. 😛

Next was the Mistress armour for champ. *swoooooooons* My champ already looked hot, but now she’s even hotter. This was a semi-cosmetic bid. I’d actually like to have a few DN pieces for my champ (since BG ones are definitely out of the question!) I now need the gloves to finish the look…plus they have some decent stats imho.

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Finally!…and then some fun

So some of you might remember the few posts I’ve made where I had just barely missed out on getting the DN robe for my Loremaster. Well no more! My plight has come to an end! 😛 Behold pretty robe #2! (though apologies for dx9 graphics…really wish xfire ingame would work with 10!)

So very glad to finally have it! Many many thanks to the group I was in! It was a very fun evening all around. 🙂

Yule festival finally started up this week and Turbine has done another great job improving the festivals. My LM has been busy in Winter-home and also working on her Inn League and Ale Association rep…though I’m starting to question my dedication on the later tasks as those deliveries are so damned boring.

Fun in the snowball field….oh, it was snowballs not tar I was supposed throw? Right, will try to remember that! *makes mental note* But tar effects can be quite funny!

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Another productive evening!

I had another awesome raid night…got my 4th BG piece (though equipping it makes me lose a noticeable chunk of morale :/) and then later was able to persuade two friends to make one last dungeons run for my horse (many, many thanks for all of their help)!

I know some say this horse is ugly, but I really like it and am proud to have it. I love the leaf motif and think it has lovely detail. The only negative is that it only has 150hp which is less than the kindred Grey Company Steed. You’d think the Dol Guldur HM metadeed horse would have more as it’s a hell of a lot harder to get.

I’m also well on my way to kindred with the Algraig so should have all rep done in time for the update!

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I finally got to be part of a LT HM kill! \o/ It was great fun and I’m so glad I finally saw it. This is actually my first on level, end-game raid boss kill. I didn’t start lotro until about 3 months before Mirkwood came out, so every other raid I’ve done has been overlevel.

A very kind friend has been helping me work through Dungeons in order to get my metadeed horse (only 2 more elves to go!). Given I’d gotten the LT deed done, I coerced him to go into Dungeons later that night and had more luck. Got my Ernil! *cheers*

All in all it was a very good night! 😀

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