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Sapience on the official forums:

We are working on an instance cluster. Currently it is planned to be part of an update due to release after the Riders of Rohan expansion has shipped.

*sigh* Why? :/ I’m not fond of this method of supposedly giving us new content through the year.  It feels like they’re purposefully stringing things out to make it look like they’re updating more frequently.  To me that will be a faux update, one that should have come out with the new expansion.

So it looks like we’re going to be in for the same problem as RoI.  Hit level cap in a couple of weeks and then have to wait around.  Lame.

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A wee bit crowded… and the update

A shot of the crafting hall in the 21st on update day of people puzzling over the new LIs. 😀

I’m mostly okay with the new system. I was finally able to make the perfect staff, perfect dps book and perfect raid book. That part took minimal effort given ixp is very easy to get in the new instances. There was one bit that really made me grumble though. I extracted t6 legacies and replaced t6 legacies, but I got a t2 legacy instead. So I had to buy 8 empowerment scrolls which cost me around 14k in marks. I’ve calculated that my new raid book is going to need 15 empowerment scrolls. The bill for that comes to 29250 marks. 😮 I suppose this is what I had wanted though: more control over my weapons with the tradeoff being it takes longer to work on them. Though given we’ll be replacing these weapons with first agers and then when we’re level 70 we’ll start the whole process all over again, I still feel it’s a bit too much work being put into weapons that will be thrown away. I’m still waiting for those legendary weapons that will grow with us…

The relics are easier to get now, but I’ll still be having to buy the relic removal scrolls from the store as the best combination for me is old and new relics. I really do wish they would have kept the old ones. Alts that never got high tiers or that are leveling up will never have the opportunity to get them.

All in all it’s been mostly a good update. The instances have been plenty challenging though my only gripe is that they are overly long, especially the spider boss in the Farm and the final fight of the Temple. I found the new book to be highly enjoyable, especially the session play. It was fantastic. All in all, I’m not sure this update is going to hold people for very long. I know people in my kin have been going quite hard at the instances. At least the raid will keep us busy for quite a while. 🙂

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Funny and Confusing

I was questing in the Silvertine Lodes on my RK and got this hilarious poison. I love this sort of stuff. For some reason it reminds me of the movie Aliens…I guess from that Alien that pops out of the people’s bodies. 😛 My favourite debuff has to be the one the toads give you in the Water Works though. 😛

Then for the confusing. This staff dropped in SG the other day:

What’s the point? Who is going to use that? You’d have to be awfully dumb to do so. There’s so many drops in this game that just don’t make sense. Why waste time on them? I’ve never gotten that.

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Deadly Embrace

I was hanging out with some former kinnies and did SG with them. Two of them got most unlucky on a Goro knockback. They died up in the air together. 😛 What was strange is the dirt and stone like stuff was pulsating out of their feet whilst they were dead. It was a most entertaining death though. 😀

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The deeds go ever on and on

More deed completion. 😉 I’m actually surprised at how doable these are.

With quite a lot of help from my friend Kalantir, I finished Urugarth (those CD deeds are still looking scary though…):

Getting ready to slay some orcs:

Then xhii and I spent a little time farming the last boss of HoM on our LMs. Was quite fun! I highly recommend turning your back to the drop, perform the snow wizard emote, and fall backwards into the boss room. It looks like you’re bungee jumping! 😛 Unfortunately I never caught a good screenshot of it. Lm’s and kitties ready to keel!:

And got my goat!

For a goat it’s very pretty! Though I have to wonder why Lothlorien elves would even go near goats. 😉 But I love the rectangular lamp and the beautiful fabric! ❤

Next goal is the Moria instances. I’m actually fairly close. Just a couple more runs in 16th, Forges and FG…and then more than a few in Skumfil. :/ I’ll get there though!

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Mas Deedage

To my surprise, I finished the Barad Guluran deeds! A kinnie and I found a great pug. We all stuck together until everyone in the group finished all their deeds. Luckily we all seemed to be around the same numbers. But many thanks to Milolle, Turulnya, Bailinor and my kinnie Eriondin for a most enjoyable pug. 🙂

Finally opened the advance Carn Dum deeds…. *sigh* 😛

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Scenes from Carn Dum

A friend needed the final boss deed in Carn Dum and so did I…as well as every other deed in there for my super-uber-personal-meta-deed-challenge(TM). 😛 So today we headed in for some duoing fun.

We both commented on how Carn Dum Castle is cool looking, but it’s still a bit cheesy especially when you consider Dol Guldur. Dol Guldur is proper eerie looking.

I did really love the lighting in the Gurthul boss room and caught a nice shot of my loremaster’s lightning storm.

I’ve been to Mordirith a few times, but never ever have I realised that on the floor, there’s the shape of The Great Eye. You have to wonder how stuff like this escapes you sometimes. 😛

Mordirith was fun, but not particularly challenging. The only casualty was my poor eagle! Of course afterwards we had to pose for the obligatory Witch King’s Seat shot!

I’ve not even reached advanced on some of my CD deeds. It looks like they’re going to take forever. I think I’m far more likely to finish Moria instance deeds before CD and Uru!

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The Daily Grind

So it seems I’ve turned into one of those crazy people who’d like to get kindred with all factions and also complete every deed in the game. Yes, every! (aside from Ettens… and skirmishes too…not sure :P) I’m not quite sure why I ended up wanting to do this. I do have to say it’s a difficult thing for me to achieve as I joined the game a few months before Mirkwood and also changed mains. Until the end of the summer last year, I considered my first character, my hunter Erunaneth, to be my main. But loremaster ended up being far too much fun, both solo and in groups. My hunter nearly had kindred with everything, so redoing quite a bit of the rep was rather painful.

I think why I’m doing this is for something to do on my loremaster, plus I think I’ll be pretty proud of myself for completing this uber-meta deed. 😉 It is a bit sad that this is really all my LM has left to do. She’s just lacking two BG pieces and the Durchest caster bracelet (she recently won the Mistress bracelet woot!), but since those depend on raids, it’s something that is out of my control. I love playing her and am proud when I finish deeds or rep, but honestly I wish I did have some more fun stuff to do with her. Endless kill deeds is looking a bit depressing.

As of now, my lm has attained kindred with everything but the Eldgang (a side effect of joining the game late!).

At least we have the Rift skirmish now which slowly builds rep (700 points a day). Though I really can’t wait for the revamped Rift instance as I’ve already been doing loads of skirmishes and still have 40 someodd left before I hit kindred. I’m getting quite sick of the skirmish, though thank goodness it’s a quick one. Lothirieth crying out of boredom!:

I also found the Inn League and the Ale Association to be a challenge as well. It was possible to do all the delivery quests in an hour but as the Ale Association quests were timed, I couldn’t slack off and go afk for a bit. Those plus the dailies took a fair bit of time and I was struggling to make myself do them after a bit. But I knew I had to persist given the quests are only available during festivals. To my surprise I was able to achieve kindred with both factions in one festival and was rewarded with some fun new mounts. Woot for a good goat in Moria! The Inn League horse is also slightly drunk! 😛

As far as the zones and instance deeds go, I’ve only completed Mirkwood and The Tower of Dol Guldur. Enedwaith is nearly done (damn wood trolls!). I had my doubts as to if I’d ever complete the Moria instance deeds but after a few decent runs in some instances, it should be doable. Although my lm hasn’t set foot in Skumfil…so we’ll see how it goes. The Carn Dum and Uru deeds look problematic as well. I really wish I would have had my main sorted and been doing these deeds when they first came out and everyone else was doing them!

Ah well, hopefully I’ll get there eventually! 🙂

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Another productive evening!

I had another awesome raid night…got my 4th BG piece (though equipping it makes me lose a noticeable chunk of morale :/) and then later was able to persuade two friends to make one last dungeons run for my horse (many, many thanks for all of their help)!

I know some say this horse is ugly, but I really like it and am proud to have it. I love the leaf motif and think it has lovely detail. The only negative is that it only has 150hp which is less than the kindred Grey Company Steed. You’d think the Dol Guldur HM metadeed horse would have more as it’s a hell of a lot harder to get.

I’m also well on my way to kindred with the Algraig so should have all rep done in time for the update!

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Action shots!

Reading whilst fighting! That’s some talent!

I have the power!! [/He-Man]

Chillin’ in Annuminas:

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