Returning to my hunter

I decided to start playing my hunter again and level her up to 75.  I’m not really sure why I wanted to start playing the class again, especially as I was completely clueless about it now.

The last time I played my hunter was back in Sammath Gul days.  I stopped right before the first major changes and the good Helegrod set came out.  Since then there’s been even more changes.  This left me feeling somewhat nubby and experiencing a few facepalm moments. 😛  It also didn’t help that my skillbars were a mess, a leftover relic from the days I clicked on skills instead of using mainly keys.  It was not a key-friendly UI at. all.

So I sorted the skillbars as best I could and with the help of a kinnie I have things mostly figured out again.  It’s so weird that fleetness is actually good and something you want running all the time.   I’ve been having fun questing now that I understand the class again.  My only gripe is the long induction to initially build focus.  It’s already gotten old again.  I was really hoping it would be reduced with the improved skill but no such luck. (Totally separate topic but I would love it if Turbine got rid of stand-still inductions, in combat and out.  It ends up feeling like so much exists to slow you down.)

I don’t know if I’ll actually group with this hunter.  I find the class to be fun on it’s own, but in the past it was really boring in groups to me.  Hunter used to be my main but I dropped it in favour of the more complex loremaster as using more than 4 keys is fun. 😉   I think with the changes, it could possibly be interesting enough again, on par with a fire rk, though even that class gets boring to me after a while.  Loremaster has spoiled me, though sometimes mindless dps is a relaxing change.

Of course the first thing I did before even arranging my skillbars was to update my character’s outfit.  Even if she was going to be a noob skillwise, she should at least look good whilst doing so!

Out take: photobombed by a bull!

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Meet Tristadoc

Hallo there!

This is Tristadoc, my new hobbit burglar.  He’s a nice guy, always willing to lend a hand whether it be deliveries:

or getting down to business and banishing some bad guys!:

Yet he also knows how to have some fun!

I’ve been having quite a lot of fun playing him.  At first I did have a female human burglar.  It would have been an elf one if I could have made one as I’ve been too stuck on them.  I only strayed from the female elf character when I was forced to, ie captain.  I of course identify with females so I’ve generally found them more enjoyable to play.  I do have a female hobbit minstrel, which really put me off hobbits.  All the screaming, the way they run, what is to me silly combat sounds and it being one of the more implausible race/gender combinations to be running around, adventuring in Middle Earth, made it tiresome to play.  I doubt I would have made it to the former level cap if I hadn’t been leveling with someone.  It just wasn’t for me, which is unfortunate as my minstrel is decently geared for 65 and the class I felt slightly more comfortable healing on (RK is a bit scary for me when the whole group is taking damage.)

I call this his “I’m sexy and I know it” look.

Luckily my boyfriend convinced me to give a hobbit burglar a try, since when you think about it, there really aren’t many good human thief characters in stories.  Also Bilbo is what inspired the class, so a hobbit makes the most sense.  I rolled one as a test on another server to make sure I could deal with the combat sounds (which I adore on a male hobbit!.. well, non-warden ones :P) before I deleted my current human one and found that a male hobbit is quite entertaining.  The side effect of finally trying out a male character, plus my RK duoing with my boyfriend’s male guardian, has been to make me want to reroll my female guardian.  But she’s a Westfold Master of the Guild Metalsmith.  No way in hell I’m redoing that!  Sometimes, low level crafters aren’t the best idea when you find you no longer want to play that race or gender. 😛 Yay for extra character slots I guess?

The burglar class in general is a blast as well.  It already felt powerful at the lowest levels and it’s only getting better.  He’s almost lvl 30 and hasn’t died yet (*knocks on wood*).  I’m taking my time leveling him and enjoying the journey! 🙂

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Heeey, batter batter batter!

Found a baseball bat when questing on my guardian. Well, technically it’s a club, but I found it amusing. 😉

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Runekeeper action shots

I’ve been leveling a Runekeeper with a friend (him on a champ) and have been having a blast. (And it’s also created a backlog of screenies of our adventures :P) RK is an epicly fun class. I’ve noticed my favourite classes tend to be flashy and quick, so RK fits in perfectly. I always had a feeling I’d love this class, so was trying to save it for later as I still don’t have a tank, but my friend bugged me enough and with the opportunity to duo level…well I couldn’t pass that up.

I have a 65 minstrel who is decently geared, but I really never ever liked healing on her. I just assumed that healing stressed me out and I didn’t like doing it at all. That was one thing that was making me put off RK now that I think about it: I didn’t want to have to heal. But my friend is a good RK himself, so he’s been able to give me tips. And we’ve been trying plenty of hard stuff so I’ve gotten lots of practice healing. I’ve actually found RK healing to be quite enjoyable! I love the hots! I love that I can go from fully attuned dps to healing in a matter of seconds (without the cheat legendary trait mind you :P). Leveling this class is definitely the final nail in the coffin for my poor minstrel. Once my RK is at the level cap, the minstrel will officially be just a crafting mule as RKs totally pwn minstrels in my humble opinion.

RKs also make for some pretty and flashy screenshots!

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Lowbie LM

For kicks I decided to roll a LM on the Snowbourn server in order to check out the atmosphere on other server and also just to see what playing a low level LM is like after you know the class pretty well. I found leveling a LM to be pretty painful until the late 30s, but I wonder if that was just me not having grasped the class or not.

I decided to roll a man for the man heal….if I ever get to that point. 😛 He looks horrible right now. It’s really odd, under 20s on Laurelin can equip outfits cosmetically, but I’m not able to on this alt on Snowbourn. Having to run around in that shirt that looks like it has a corset is somewhat painful right now…not that I’d be able to dress him well anyway. Rolling this character on a new server really hit home how self sufficient I am right now and highlights the importance of friends and kins. I’d be able to kit a lowbie out really well and even slap a pretty Mariner’s Hauberk on him. But on this new server, I’m utterly alone and pennyless! It’s a bit daunting!

Whilst the mobs around my lvl aren’t hard at all, my lvl9 LM does feel lacking in skills. Right now he has two dmg skills: burning embers and staff strike (and of course no SS cd legacy! ugh) They actually pile on the debuffs fairly early. I already have SoPC, Windlore and Firelore, plus the two signs for my pet, the power drain and Beacon of Hope. I know LMs are debuffers, but really, who’s going to use all those at such a low level? Especially the power drain. Personally I think it would have been much better to give the damage skills earlier and introduce the debuffs afterwards. At my level I could use Light of the Rising Dawn a hell of a lot more than Wind Lore or a power drain.

It’s been fun and interesting so far, but we’ll see if that feeling persists as I move out of the starting areas. I have been reminded how pretty Celondim is. A very lovely start to the game. 🙂

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