Mad skillz, yo…

Yep, totally did that on purpose.  I was completely and totally under control.










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Moar Paint

A submission by a guildie to the paint thread on our guild’s forums.  All of you who have had a norn or charr in front of you whilst in a jumping puzzle will get this:



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Achievements, Part One

A guildie started a thread called “Show off your MS paint skills” which is a spin off of a thread called ‘WvW in MS Paint’ on our server’s unofficial forums.  He thought it would be funny to see what guildies could come up.

My submission, a commentary on the effect of the WvW Season 1 achievements on the state of WvW. 😛 (click for full size)

I wanted to do more, but I’m so used to any artistic endeavours being undertaken in Photoshop.  I ❤ layers!  They make everything easier.

I have two more ideas I want to draw.   Perhaps I’ll be a bit cheaty with Photoshop.  Or just try a bit harder with paint.  Ally Brosh can come up with some epic stuff with paint  at Hyperbole and a Half (I highly recommend reading through her blog… it’s brilliant), so it’s worth a try. 😛

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Oh dear….

One of the results of the new class revamps.. one seriously, OP LM:

Apparently part of this bug has existed since RoI(!!!) but has become even stronger in combination with a new LM trait.

gg Turbine devs! gg!

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Winds of Change

I don’t know how many of you played that Zelda game, but this.. omg, this..


So true!  The amount of times I missed locations when out at sea.. so frustrating! 😀

Original comic link

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The New Lotro

Credit: monteeburns, in response to the forthcoming Hobbit Presents.

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For anyone who played any Zelda games.. a different view of Fairy Fountains:

(I ❤ Gamer Cat!!  Finally getting around to posting some of the comics.)



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Unfortunate clipping

Danania snuck in a picture of some rather unfortunate clipping in Lotro in her latest entry and it reminded me of some shots I captured in Dragon Age 2.  One of my poor party members seemed to have issues with her shield…

You’re doing it wrong Aveline!  A shield is supposed to protect you, not hurt you. 😛

And geez, I’d forgotten how gory DA could be.. and I even had persistent gore turned off! Nothing worse than watching a cut scene with your character splattered with blood. *ick* Still it’s not as bad as what I’ve been seeing in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations as Spaix has been playing that. 😛


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End of Beta Event, Picspam Part 2

After summiting Orthanc, I hopped back down the campfire stairs to the top of Orthanc to join the fighting:

During a lull in the attacks, I noticed some lurking creatures:

Gandalf stopped by to admire all the tables:

At 85 in all crafted gear, I found I was running out of power quite fast as a dps LM.  The crafted gear left me around 500 will short in comparison to what my lvl 75 LM has which meant a reduced power pool, but I’m also guessing the problem was compounded by increased power costs on skills.  At least the drain power skill works better now and I also noticed its looks have been updated.

Oh and there was a giant dwarf…. 😛

The fighting resumed with a GM dropping a level 120 Frodo Baggins with A LOT of morale.  I gotta say, GMs spawning whatever mob they wanted whereever, at the level they choose and are able to change the mob’s morale at a whim.. well, it really makes me wonder why they can’t reset a bugged Draigoch. 😛

I didn’t really want to fight Frodo, nor was it possible as all my skills were missing so I headed back to Bree for the final minutes.  I found my path blocked though:

Thorog was doing his best not to let anyone by!

I kept my distance and worked around him and got some good views.

It was cool to get a good look at him.. though one of my shots is forever spoiled by a shirtless dwarf carrying around some corn! 😛

I got past Thorog…. only to find several more in my way!

I tried to get around them.. but yeah, it didn’t go well.  You know what’s coming!

They had a pretty insane killing range.  So I worked my way back and suddenly, POOF! I was a miniature version of me! 😀

I think I confused a NPC as well. 😉

I worked my way through the back alleys of Bree in hopes that they might provide a safer route to the Prancing Pony.  Once there, it was so laggy as the GMs seemed to have started a Boss Battle Royale!  It meant it was mostly safe to get close as the bosses were fighting each other. There were a few Mistresses of Pestilence, lots of Giants, lots of Tyrants (that were quickly beaten), a few Sarumans, Durin’s Banes, and at least one Thorog all fighting by the Endless Campfire and Table Stair.

It was an epic end to a fun night.  I’m really glad I got to see one of these finally! 🙂


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End of Beta Event, Picspam part 1

I’ve only ever been in one Lotro beta in the past but I missed all the final, crazy festivities.  Luckily I was able to make it to the Rohan one.  Gotta say, the GMs sure do know how to throw a party!  It was worth getting in to Beta for this at least.  😀

Warning: picture heavy post ahead!  Seems I really liked my screenshot button that night. 😛

I started out in Snowbourn, a major town in Rohan, and a kind captain summoned me to the proper layer in order to see this:

Thaurlach and Durin’s Bane, just hanging out in a field.  The captain accidentally aggroed Durin’s Bane so we took him on!


Of course it’s weird enough that I’m fighting Durin’s Bane in Rohan… but it was even weirder to be fighting him from horseback.  The captain was able to keep aggro on it (plus another fellowship warband that decided to chase after him as well) whilst I did figure eights and slowly helped burn it down.

I have to say this was the most fun fight of the evening as it actually took some effort.  In the end we were successful and downed Durin’s Bane plus the warband!.. though this sorta shows you how easy the warbands are going to be. 😛  I mean.. two people.. one nemesis balrog plus a 6-man warband consisting of another elite master mounted orc, plus a few signature mounted goblins… no problem!!

I headed next to Bree as I kept hearing about some ‘endless stair’ in glff.  Well, I found it and it wasn’t at all what I expected.

A GM had made some “stairs” out of campfires and clover tables.  Naturally I had to climb it.

I had some scary moments when lag hit that made me think I was going to fall off, but I made it to the top!

I didn’t get to spend long at the top as I was promptly hit with a nerf bat. 😛 GMs had given people some.. plus another thing called ‘The One Jetpack’ but I never witnessed that phenomenon.  Anyway, off I went, flying over Bree.

I headed back into Bree and now a Saruman and Bukot were attacking people outside of the Prancing Pony:

Of course another Durin’s Bane had to show up with loads of bugans.

I headed towards the centre of Bree where I found Thaurlach bringing terror to the Bree Fountain:

Just a few tyrants showed up as well.

I continued on to the South Gate and was greeted by another Durin’s Bane.

I tried to go outside to get a better look, but that didn’t end up well. 😛

I rode around Bree so that I’d approach from the outside and quickly saw why I died.  There wasn’t just the one balrog hanging out there…

I read in chat that a GM was now building stairs outside of Orthanc.  Another GM was kindly porting people to Orthanc so I caught a port there.  It was an interesting sight seeing people hop their way up crafting tables to slowly scale Orthanc!

I saw some people falling off, but gave it a go!

It kept going..

and going…

and going….

aaaaaand going!!….

It was actually getting a bit scary as it was getting really high.  Any little bit of lag scared me as I did NOT want to fall and have to start over again! 😛  I was also afraid of a random player nerf batting me off.  The GMs had to tell off people for doing that.  At least the view was nice when you got pretty high up!

Getting near the top I could see there were more boss invasions on the top of Orthanc:

Nearly there!

And I made it!  I’m the king, erm queen of the world!!!… uh.. *cough* ..yeah..

I heard of some people getting a title.. Master of Stairs, I think, but I never noticed anything being given to my character.  I don’t think it would have mattered anyway as the Lothirieth you’re seeing in the pictures isn’t my real character as character copy wasn’t available to those on EU servers.

Continued in part 2!


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