A little enebriated

I needed to clear some room out of my bags whilst questing in Moria (yes, there. It’s for deeds. I avoided the place like the plague when leveling so still have quest deeds there…not to mention kill deeds.) I had some ale from the Bullroarer’s Challenge, so drank it to free up a bag slot. Drunk fighting ftw.

The drunk effect gave the Flaming Deeps a wierd green glow. Was interesting. ^^

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Not so cannon

Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned!

So I saw a video of the new raid’s boss (final boss I believe). (and meh can’t figure out how to embed a youtube video, sorry :P)

It looks pretty darned awesome. But the thing is… Durin’s Bane is supposed to be dead already. 😛 And Gandalf was the one who took care of it. Anyone who’s been to Zirakzigil can see the corpse laying there, yet some how it’s back for us to fight? Riiight. Though some of the dialoge is asking if we can stand against that which smote the wizard, which obviously didn’t happen. So perhaps there’s some trickery going on there.

Oh well. At least it looks badass enough that hopefully I can get over my purist tendencies. 😛

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The deeds go ever on and on

More deed completion. 😉 I’m actually surprised at how doable these are.

With quite a lot of help from my friend Kalantir, I finished Urugarth (those CD deeds are still looking scary though…):

Getting ready to slay some orcs:

Then xhii and I spent a little time farming the last boss of HoM on our LMs. Was quite fun! I highly recommend turning your back to the drop, perform the snow wizard emote, and fall backwards into the boss room. It looks like you’re bungee jumping! 😛 Unfortunately I never caught a good screenshot of it. Lm’s and kitties ready to keel!:

And got my goat!

For a goat it’s very pretty! Though I have to wonder why Lothlorien elves would even go near goats. 😉 But I love the rectangular lamp and the beautiful fabric! ❤

Next goal is the Moria instances. I’m actually fairly close. Just a couple more runs in 16th, Forges and FG…and then more than a few in Skumfil. :/ I’ll get there though!

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Free at last!

It’s always such a feeling of relief when you step out the other side of Moria and see trees and sky again! It’s funny, with all my alts I’ve always had a feeling of excitement when entering Moria as honestly it is a pretty epic place. But once you’re in and have done the first round of quests or so, that excitement wears off and I find myself already longing to be out. I’m actually pretty glad that I joined the game after Lothlorien was added on. I’m not sure I could have dealt with having to stay in Moria for months and months. I’ve only finished all the quests on my minstrel as I was leveling with a warden friend and that combination seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to take on anything and everything without needing any outside help. I’m glad I’ve seen the entirety of Moria as there is some good stuff in there, but I highly doubt it’s an experience I’ll repeat again…except maybe on my hunter when I get completionist urges! ^^

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Maybe you shouldn’t be here…

I find it quite fun venturing places I really shouldn’t go. One fun place is the Vile Maw before you have any radiance. The dread leaves you with so very little morale and the acid dot threatens to kill you! I went in to get the dwarf deed done for some much needed xp, but it seems my captain was too little at 53.

Also, I find the dread effect can make for some stunning pictures. Desaturation ftw:

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