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One thing playing in the TESO beta made me want to do was fire up Skyrim (for reasons I shall elaborate on post NDA hopefully).  I have to say I’ve never stop being in awe of its game world or how beautiful it is.. especially my modded up version! (I highly recommend getting an ENB for the game.) Clicky all for full size.



I was soon reminded of the too-frequent dragon attacks though, which can be even more tiresome on a melee character as mine is.  I was trying to get to the top of a mountain to take a picture but was interrupted by a dumb dragon who got in the way of a nice sunset. 😛

I’d been meaning to post these next two screenshots for ages.  Paused game plus toggle free camera can capture some awesome moment whilst your character is in combat.  I present: The Dragonborn!

I never have finished the main storyline of the game.  I’ve always been so distracted with all the wonderful bits elsewhere in the game and have tried to space out the main story to make it all last longer.  I really ought to finish it one of these days.

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Into the Wide World of Mods

I’m not sure why, but I had the itch to play Skyrim again.. well.. perhaps listening to the soundtrack did it. 😛  I’d played quite a bit of the game and have an awesome sneaky dual-wielding heavy armor character, but I’d never actually finished the main story.  I was trying to pace it out whilst completing other bits of the map.

I’d seen how lovely other people have made their game so I’m trying to sort out improving the look of mine before I start playing.  I mean, it’s pretty but it can be a heck of a lot better.  I’d first set out to get some quality of life things and also a helmet hider as this is what my character has been sporting:

I have several like that that are awesome stat wise, but goodness are they horrible looking to me. 😛

I of course got distracted by even more mods as I used Ravanel’s post as a starting place.  Of course one would want a pretty looking character.  I no longer have a screenshot of my toon, but found this picture that looked very much like what I had:

It was a bit of a learning curve installing the mod manager and then learning how certain mods worked or load order (and also found I’d have to update my game before getting many of the mods I wanted), so I started out small with Apachii Sky Hair and Better Females.  I was pretty happy with how it improved the faces and ended up with this:

But then I saw it… and couldn’t unsee it.  I’d created an ingame Kim Kardashian! 😦

Two more mods later (which I’ll have to link later as the mod site is down) one which had way more lovely eye options and another that added more sliders, I ended up with this:

Much better! It’s a pretty amazing makeover when you look at what I started with.  Maybe she’s a bit *too* pretty, but she looks a bit less glam in the open world:

Next up is improving the world of Skyrim and hope that my pc can run it!

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