Returning to my hunter

I decided to start playing my hunter again and level her up to 75.  I’m not really sure why I wanted to start playing the class again, especially as I was completely clueless about it now.

The last time I played my hunter was back in Sammath Gul days.  I stopped right before the first major changes and the good Helegrod set came out.  Since then there’s been even more changes.  This left me feeling somewhat nubby and experiencing a few facepalm moments. 😛  It also didn’t help that my skillbars were a mess, a leftover relic from the days I clicked on skills instead of using mainly keys.  It was not a key-friendly UI at. all.

So I sorted the skillbars as best I could and with the help of a kinnie I have things mostly figured out again.  It’s so weird that fleetness is actually good and something you want running all the time.   I’ve been having fun questing now that I understand the class again.  My only gripe is the long induction to initially build focus.  It’s already gotten old again.  I was really hoping it would be reduced with the improved skill but no such luck. (Totally separate topic but I would love it if Turbine got rid of stand-still inductions, in combat and out.  It ends up feeling like so much exists to slow you down.)

I don’t know if I’ll actually group with this hunter.  I find the class to be fun on it’s own, but in the past it was really boring in groups to me.  Hunter used to be my main but I dropped it in favour of the more complex loremaster as using more than 4 keys is fun. 😉   I think with the changes, it could possibly be interesting enough again, on par with a fire rk, though even that class gets boring to me after a while.  Loremaster has spoiled me, though sometimes mindless dps is a relaxing change.

Of course the first thing I did before even arranging my skillbars was to update my character’s outfit.  Even if she was going to be a noob skillwise, she should at least look good whilst doing so!

Out take: photobombed by a bull!

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Postcards from Middle Earth, 17 November

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