The Characters

So who am I talking about all the time?  Here’s a handy list of my most frequently played characters:

Spaix:  the boyfriend 😛

Lord of the Rings Online

Laurelin Server

Lothirieth, Elf Loremaster

Elenaneth, Elf Runekeeper

Nenneth, Elf Champion

Erunaneth, Elf Hunter

Tristadoc, Hobbit Burglar

Guild Wars 2- Under construction!

Gandara Server

Nenneth, Human Necromancer

Laenewyn, Norn Warrior

Aeirya, Sylvari Ranger

Thorbolt Silverclaw, Charr Guardian

Star Wars:  The Old Republic

Progenitor Server

Nenneth, Human Sith Sorcerer

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One thought on “The Characters

  1. I’m on Gandara, & I think I have a Laurelin character too – I’ll look out for you! Great blog 🙂

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